Ervin Y. Rodin ERVIN Y. RODIN, Ph.D.

Ervin Rodin received a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas in 1960; and a Ph.D. in the same institution, also in Mathematics, in 1964. Upon graduation he accepted a position as Senior Mathematician with Wyle Laboratories in Huntsville, Alabama, a position he held for over two years. In the fall of 1966 Rodin joined the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Washington University, as an Associate Professor.

Subsequently, Rodin became a member of the newly formed Department of Systems Science and Mathematics; was appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics and Systems Science; created and became Director of the Center for Optimization and Semantic Control.

Professor Rodin has been a consultant for NASA, the US Air Force, the US Transportation Command, as well as for several industries. He has organized and chaired several major international conferences, both in the US and overseas. His most recent research activities concern transportation and health care related issues, involving novel methods of optimization. He is also founder and Editor-in-Chief of three international scientific journals, and of a scientific book series.

For many years the principal activities of Professor Ervin Rodin were directed towards the mathematical modeling and solution of varieties of real life problems, ranging over fields such as acoustics, air and water pollution, population growth and health care, transportation, and many others. In the course of these activities, two events occurred almost simultaneously: the advent of high speed computers and the realization by Rodin that even with the highest powers of computers many important problems would remain unsolved. These two effects caused him to establish and become the Director of the Center for Optimization and Semantic Control, within the Department of Systems Science and Mathematics.

Members of the Center are from among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as industrial and government-related members. Their activities are directed towards the solution of large scale, complex, and usually time-dependent problems, for which the existing and classical methodologies of solution are either not available, or are not sufficiently powerful. Since the mathematical models of such systems are typically vague (or sometimes they do not even exist), Rodin and the other Center researchers approach the solution of these systems by the use of a judicious combination of classical mathematical methodologies (mathematical programming, computational geometry, control theory, game theory, stochastics, etc.), together with Artificial Intelligence paradigms: such as Fuzzy System Theory, Neural Networks, Rule Based Systems, and Logic Programming.

Professional Activities

International Journal of Computers and Mathematics With Applications
International Journal of Mathematical and Computer Modelling
Applied Mathematics Letters
Monographs in Modern Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Editorial Board Member:
International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
International Journal on Scientific Computing & Modeling
Computers and Chemistry
LEONARDO, International Journal of the Arts, Sciences and Technology
International Journal of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Selected Publications

  1. "A Semantic Control Approach to Intelligent Transportation Systems," (with M. Amin, et. al.), Intelligent Vehicles '95, Detroit, MI, September 25-26, 1995.

  2. "Control Systems in Neural Networks with Local Memory," (with Y. Wu), Computers and Mathematics With Applications, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 1-24, 1993.

  3. Mathematical Modelling: A Tool for Problem Solving in Engineering, Physical, Biological and Social Sciences, (with D.N.P. Murthy and N.W. Page), Pergamon Press, Oxford, England, 1990.

  4. Energy Methods in Finite Element Analysis, E. Y. Rodin, R. Glowinski, and O. C. Zienkiewicz (Editors), John Wiley and Son, 1978.

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